FURAP Project

Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Award Program (FURAP) Projects

Sl. No Project title Faculty Mentor  / Students team Project Amount (RO) Academic Year Status
1 Development of Solar Cooking System and Its performance and suitability analysis for Oman domestic application Dr. Amuthakkannan (Faculty Mentor)
Fatema  Said Al Ajmi
Nuzhaa Ali Al Kindi
Thoraya Juma Al Salti
2,310 2013 / 14 Completed
2 Development of a wastewater treatment system for household cleaning water Dr. Anna Jesil Cheriyan (FM)
Zeinab Osman El Awad Salman
Kulthoom Abdullah Al Balusi 
Enaam Saleh Al Rahbi
2,400 2013 / 14 Completed
3 High altitude weather balloon for space and atmospheric observation in Oman Dr. R. Muralidharan (FM)
Faisal Chowdhry
Saleh Al Masqari
2,110 2013 / 14 Completed
4 Automatic Cruise Control System (ACCS) for Vehicles Mr. D. Ragavesh (FM)
Ahmed Hamood Al Kharousi
Assa Abdhullah Ali Al Rahbi
Hajar Hamood Said Al Harrasi
2,400 2013 / 14 Completed
5 Development of Self-Compacting Concrete with locally available Spent Catalyst and Quarry Dust Dr. Sanjay Govind Patil (FM)
Al Harith Abdullah Al Shidi
Waqas Mohammed  Habash 
2,320 2013 / 14 Completed
6 Object detection, identification and tracking using Image Processing Algorithms with applications in road safety Mr. Rajat Srivastava (FM)
Tahra Sulaiman Malik Al Shammakhi Amani Said Al Sulaimi
Awatif Mohammed Ahmed Al Harfi
2,400 2014 / 15 On going
7 Treatment and Reuse of Domestic grey water using Adsorption method Mr. M. J. Varghese (FM)
Alaa Saif Mohamed Al Hudaifi
Sumaiya Abdullah Al Zadjali
2,200 2014 / 15 On going
8 Design and Fabrication of Solar Cabinet Dryer and Kinetic modelling studies for drying Performance enhancement Ms. Josephine Selvi (FM)
Ahlam Mohammed Fadhil Al Zadjali
Muzna Juma said Al Ruqaishi
Manal Hamed said Al Busaidi
2,400 2014 / 15 On going
9 Development of solar basin desalination for domestic utilization Mr Shabib Sulaiman Al Rashdi (FM)
Noor Al Huda Al Kharusi
Noor Al Huda Ali Muslem Al Jahwari
2,300 2014 / 15 On going
10 Help Me(Android Application) Ms. Geetha Achuthan (FM)
Mouza Saif Sultan Al Yarabi
Amani Salim Aldhouani
Fathimath Zuha aksood
Noof Abdulrahman Albalushi
Sarah Obaid Sheik
Sondos Moath Salah Makoseh
980 2014 / 15 On going

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