Caledonian Centre for Scientific Research

Caledonian  College  of  Engineering  (CCE)  has  always  given  due  importance  to  foster  applied  and strategic research realising major goals of the college. The research strategies of the college emerge as one of the important functions along with effective learning and teaching process. The objective of the research strategies is to create and update the research capabilities of the faculty members of the college.  The college continues  to play an important  role in the region promoting  higher education  for growth   of  human   and  intellectual   diversity   in  the  research   enterprise   with  diverse   and  global perspectives.


  • To establish centres of excellence in fundamental and applied sciences research in the field of Energy and Environment, Waste management, Nano-science and Nanotechnology.
  • To undertake the development of scientific based research of strategic importance for government and industry.
  • To inculcate research culture among the students that leads to entrepreneurial skill development
  • To develop know-how and contribute to the social and economic development of the country
  • To offer customized technology development services to the public and private sectors
  • To be the training center for young scientists in advanced technology and new fields of research.

CCSR initiatives

  • Faculty mentored Undergraduate Research Program (FURAP)
  • Research projects under this program funded by The Research Council Oman (TRC) was submitted for possible funding and further o initiate research interest in undergraduate students. The college was funded for 5 projects in 2013-2014 and further 5 projects for 2014-2015.
  • One of the 2013 was awarded as best project under Energy and Environment by TRC.
  • Two of the National students were trained at INRA-LBE France for research skills with a partial scholarship from French Embassy
  • Three students received scholarship from TRC under the research project for completing MSc program.
  • The center fetched research project from TRC on Waste to Energy
  • Organised workshop on Waste to Energy in 2012 and International conference in 2014 on small water and wastewater systems and resources oriented sanitation


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